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Choosing a photographer for any occasion, big or small, can be scary, and intimidating! After all, you are choosing someone who will be responsible for capturing precious, never to be relived again, moments of YOUR LIFE, and turning them into beautiful, frame-worthy pieces of art.  That's a big responsibility that I take seriously, and I'm always grateful when families choose me to create memories with them.  

Hi!  I'm Ashley and welcome to my little piece of the internet! 

I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer here in the Northern California area.  You'll see by checking out my Blog and Portfolio that I gravitate towards mostly light, airy, and crisp looking images in most of my sessions, and I love capturing real romance that aren't overly posed.  For the most part I find that the best images are created when the attention is focused on expressions, interactions, and personality, with only a little guidance from me!  My favorite sessions are engagement and maternity, because I love looking through my lens and capturing the emotion and anticipation of loving couples and expecting parents.


Oh yeah, I'm a mother of two (Hailei and Chase, down below), graduated from Sac State in 2011, and married to the love of my life Eric since February of 2016!  Whenever I can grab a spare moment, I LOVE shopping at Homegoods and Target (who doesn't)! I grew up in Sacramento and have been here all my life, minus the occasional and SO necessary trips to SF and and LA to unwind. 


A funny fact about me, I'm totally an introvert in my daily life.  I'm basically a people-watcher, and am totally not the "life of the party", but when I get behind the camera, it brings out this whole other side of me.  I'm suddenly more adventurous, creative, and confident.  To me, that's how I know I'm doing the right thing. 


As for hobbies, well this right here is my passion... 100%.  Also, I just got my first film camera recently and I'm really enjoying creating beautiful film images that just can't be replicated with digital!  The colors and softness are just more organic and beautiful to me.  Eventually, I plan to transition to being a fully "hybrid" photographer, shooting all of my clients on film and digital!


It makes me sooo happy to connect with my clients and capture one beautiful moment of their lives.  Deep at heart, I'm a storyteller, and this is my outlet - capturing your story, one photograph at a time. :)

Share your vision with me, and let's make it happen!


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