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Romantic Engagement Session in the City

It's been WAY long since I've found the time to blog a session, and here I am, its 1:30am and I just HAD to post this recent engagement session and stop the lagging! This session was shot about 1/4 on film and I just love the romantic colors and softness from it, so much that I match all of my digitals to the same color palette! I also want to share that my gorg summer bride is wearing both outfits from , which I just love for their timeless and classy styles that really lend to the "romantic" feel of this session! I mean, soft pink tulle dress, yes please!! As I recommend for all of my brides at their engagement sessions, R did her trial makeup on the same day as our session so she could not only make sure that she liked the look but also so she felt her best in her photos! R + A are the definition of adorable and I cannot wait for their wedding this summer! Enjoy some of my favorites from our session!! Xoxo.

R E C E N T   P O S T S
S E A R C H   T A G S
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